SAFM2000 – 2000 ml Semi Automatic Filling Machine


Product Details

2000 ml Semi Automatic Filling Machine_SAFM-2000
Commercial use Pharmaceutical, Chemical Viscous Liquids*
Number of filling heads: 1 1
Dimensions 570*670*1500 mm
Tabletop height: 70 cm
 top SS316, 5 mm,
 body SS316, 3 mm
Filling range: 500 ml – 2000 ml
Filling accuracy: ± 2 gr
Working air pressure: 6 – 7 bars
Bottle platform clearance: 50 – 300 mm
3-Way Pneumatic Ball Valve 51 mm
Power Input: N/A (Fully pneumatic machine)

* not suitable for flammable or corrosive liquids

Pneumatic pedal switch control
Manual counter wheel to determine filling capacity
Oiler and filter set to extend service life of pneumatic parts
Minimal maintenace required, easy cleaning
Easy replacement for for liquid contact parts with high quality SS316L clamp design build
Easy and quick maintenance